Add Some Glamour to Your New Year’s Eve


Want to add some glamour to your New Year’s Eve? Whether you’re going to a House Party or a Black Tie Affair – here are some Makeup tips to make your Evening Glamorous!

New Year’s Eve, in my opinion, is the perfect night to have some fun, take chances and play with your Makeup!  Try things you wouldn’t normally wear – experiment with the latest trends – add a splash of colour and some drama – be adventurous!



One of the biggest trends right now is GOLD!  Nothing will make more of an impact than adding a gorgeous metallic Gold to your lips – but why stop there? Sweep some Gold over your eyelid – wing it out for a playful cat eye – and you’ll be Bond Girl Beautiful!!

Let’s keep the focus on the lip – nothing says Glam and Hollywood Red Carpet more then, well, Red lips! It packs a punch, yet it is classic in style.  You need little else – sweep a nude shimmer on your eyelids, add mascara and brows – then add that red – from soft cherry to crimson – and Pow! Watch those heads turn!  You can turn that statement lip into something more playful by choosing a Fuchsia Pink instead – or let’s get a bit crazy – dab some Fuchsia Pink onto the bottom of your Red Lip!! What?!! Yes! Experiment! Play! Have fun!

I believe that you are never too old for Glitter!! I LOVE shimmer and sparkle – Glitter screams Glam!! and it’s so easy to add that Glam factor, all while being playful and fun.  Dust a little shimmer on your eyes – add some glitter to your brows – add a shimmery lipstick and Voila! Instant Glamour!  If you simply can’t bear the possibility of finding glitter in strange places for months to come – I have a fantastic solution – add it to your Nails! These images from Tips Nail Bar in Toronto show just how Spectacular that can look! Glittery nails, Red Lips, Gold Eyes – Bam! Hello Gorgeous!!! Hello Glamorous New Year’s Eve!


Makeup is meant to be fun – enjoy it!