January 15, 2016 | Fashion, Makeup History

Makeup and Style Influencer

I can pretty much guarantee that in Ancient Egypt – Women everywhere rocked that kohl liner – a la Cleopatra! In more recent times, Mary Quant led a generation of Women in the Sixties to go graphic with their eyes – Vidal Sassoon dramatically changed the landscape of Hair design – Girls wanted to look like Twiggy and Guys started to grow their hair to mimic The Beatles and The Rolling Stones! The fact is that every generation has had their Influencer – think Vivian Westwood – The Sex Pistols and the Punk Era – Elvis – Madonna – Cher – Lady GaGa – You get the idea.
Then there was Bowie….

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November 14, 2015 | Fashion

The First Model in My Chair


My earliest memory of painting someone’s face is around the age of 5.  My very sweet Aunt Winnie was the first model in my chair (bless her heart) was a redhead like me…

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