Makeup and Style Influencer


Who was your Makeup and Style Influencer?  Whether you are a makeup lover or a pro artist,  chances are pretty high that your style, look, even career were influenced by someone.  When we look back over the decades – centuries – we often say “That was the style of the day” but really, that “style” came from somewhere – someone.

I can pretty much guarantee that in Ancient Egypt, Women everywhere rocked that kohl liner – a la Cleopatra!  In more recent times, Mary Quant led a generation of Women in the Sixties to go graphic with their eyes – Vidal Sassoon dramatically changed the landscape of Hair design – Girls wanted to look like Twiggy and Guys started to grow their hair to mimic The Beatles and The Rolling Stones!  The fact is that every Generation has had their Influencer – think Vivian Westwood – the Sex Pistols and the Punk Era – Elvis – Madonna – Cher – Lady Gaga – You get the idea.

Then there was Bowie….

This week, the sudden and shocking death of David Bowie brought to mind the incredible influence he has had over me – both personally and professionally.  Growing up, I never felt that I fit in –  a bit of a misfit.  Bowie made me feel that it was ok to be who I wanted – wear what I wanted – just be me.  I was lucky enough to see him in concert many times over the years and seeing him in his various characters, his theatrical stage presence – well, it opened my creative mind and I began to see Art – My Art – in a brand new way.  It’s profound to lose someone who has had that much influence over you – someone you never met – but felt somehow you were secret friends – an understanding soul and supporter in a sea of people trying to change the essence of who you are.

Over the last few days, I have spoken with and read of so many Artists – Makeup, Writers, Musicians, Actors and yes,  Astronauts – People of all walks of life, all ages and all cultures – who tell of Bowie’s great influence on them – not only in personal style but in career paths.  In fact, on Sirius Radio, a fan called in to talk of when he was a young man, because of David Bowie, he decided to become a Doctor and in his words “I wanted to study eyes because Bowie had that cool enlarged pupil”  That made me smile – and I realized – David Bowie was the Pied Piper – and we were all misfits.

RIP StarMan