The Search for Gluten Free Makeup


Are you on the search for Gluten Free Makeup?

My dearest friend Liis and I first met many moons ago at a catalogue studio, she was modeling and I had the honour of doing her makeup.  Over the years, our bond has grown, along with the great admiration and respect I have for this amazing Woman.

About 3 years ago, Liis’s health derailed and spiraled out of control.  Her world changed drastically as the simplest of tasks began to be impossible.  I watched helplessly from the sidelines as she struggled to find answers and help.  Eventually she would be given the diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease and Gluten Ataxia – she found cutting out all gluten and dairy, as well as following a Paleo lifestyle has helped immensely.  I am slowly seeing the Woman I know come back to life.  (follow her journey at

Having found a great response to her health by removing all gluten from her diet – Liis realized that gluten must be eliminated from all sources – anything that touches the body holds the possibility of her being “glutened” and after everything she has been through, that is a chance she can not take.  That means all body lotions, soaps, hair care, skin care and yes, MAKEUP!

As Liis’s health improves, she has many plans in the works for speaking engagements and book tours.  My task was to put together a gluten free makeup kit that Liis could use for everyday wear – on stage while speaking – on camera for press and interviews as well as for photo shoots.  After much research on both our parts, we found several companies to try: Tarte Cosmetics, Mineral Fusion Natural Brands, Gabriel Cosmetics and Zuii Organics.  We met at The Big Carrot and pulled a great selection of colours and products that would carry her through any situation.  I wanted to make sure that whether it was Liis or another Artist that was doing her makeup – her kit would hold the variety to keep things fresh and suitable for any medium (film, tv, stage or photography).  We had our first photo shoot recently using these products with great success.  For me, as a makeup artist, these products stood up to many of the pro lines I usually use – I was impressed with the formulation and pigment, as well as the wear ability – we shot all day with minimal touch ups! For Liis, these products are a lifesaver!  We continue to search for new products to expand our gluten free kit!  If you or someone you know has gluten related issues or sensitivities, always check ingredients to make sure particular products and ingredients work for your needs.

Products used:

  • Tartelette Matte Eye Shadow Palette (available at Sephora)
  • Mineral Fusion Natural Brands lengthening mascara in black
  • Zuii Organics Fluid Foundation in Natural Light
  • Zuii Organics Flora Blush in Grapefruit
  • Zuii Organics Eye Shadow in Vanilla Frost
  • Zuii Organics Lipsticks in Classic Red, Butterscotch and Natural
  • Gabriel Cosmetics Dual Powder Foundation in Light Beige
  • Gabriel Cosmetics Blush in Apricot

(Mineral Fusion, Zuii Organics and Gabriel Cosmetics can be found in many health and natural stores across Canada)